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18 June 2015

HELLRIPPER and WAPENTAKE tapes streaming now, secondary ELMRex logo, away during summer

The aforementioned Hellripper tape EP is now at press. Also in production is the Saxon Pastoral demo from Wapentake, the new neo-folk project from Hreodbeohrt (Cultfinder). Both are now streaming at Bandcamp, and will be available at some point in the summer.
Stream Hellripper The Manifestation of Evil here | Stream Wapentake Saxon Pastoral here

The above titles will be the first to feature the new secondary logo for ELMRex, as drawn by Icelandic artist and musician Skaðvaldur, who has previously worked with Sinmara, Misþyrming and Under the Church, among others. Check out his portfolio on Facebook here. This is the logo:
ELMRex second logo
It also appears on the poster for the Hellsworn / NNGNN show in Newcastle on Saturday 1st August. More details, poster and event page here.

I will be away on holiday from Friday 25th June for two weeks, and will be back home on Monday 13th July. I won't have constant Internet access whilst I'm gone, so expect delays in me responding to messages. The shop will still be open, but no orders will go out until I come back.

25 April 2015

FETID ZOMBIE / DEATHEVOKER, NNGNN, DEMONIC RAGE tapes out now, new releases, CULTFINDER mCDs reduced

ELM009 (second edition), ELM010 and ELM014AT out now
After way too long, the new ELMRex releases are OUT NOW and ready for sale and trading.
Buy Demonic Rage tape + patch | Buy Fetid Zombie / Deathevoker split tape | Buy NNGNN tape
Don't forget the CD version of Death by the Venomhammer - get it here
I have already started trading these out, so a long-overdue distro update will be done next week.

As some of you may know, Cultfinder has now been laid to rest after a demo tape, the Black Thrashing Terror 7" EP and the Hell's Teeth mCD EP over the course of five years. The band are now selling CDs and T-shirts (six shirts remaining at the time of writing) at a reduced rate of £3 and £5 respectively on their Bandcamp page. I am now SOLD OUT of T-shirts, but still have Hell's Teeth on sale for the same lowered price.

Cultfinder also have one last song titled "Edict of Blood", which was going to be their side of a split 7" that never materialised. Stream and free download here.

Lastly, a reminder of two new releases I have planned: Hellripper The Manifestation of Evil tape EP (Europe version, includes 1" button) - nine fast and furious minutes of blackened speed; and Demonic Rage / Fetid Zombie Profane Rites of Death split tape - three new songs from each band.

7 February 2015


The mCD re-issue of Death by the Venomhammer is OUT NOW. Limited to 100 copies, split 50:50 between NNGNN and ELMRex. Stream and buy it here for £4. The tape version is at press and will be available very shortly.

The Fetid Zombie / Deathevoker and Demonic Rage tapes are also at press and will hopefully be out by the end of the month.

Since the Bandcamp and EU VAT issue seems to be resolved (for now), I've put everything back up for sale, though buying direct from the distro is still the best option.

4 January 2015

2015 releases, Bandcamp and EU VAT, 30% OFF sale halfway done

Here is a brief summary of the releases I have confirmed so far for 2015. The following three titles will be sent to press this month:
Fetid Zombie / Deathevoker Monolith of Death split tape: stream here
Demonic Rage Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies tape: stream here
Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta Death by the Venomhammer tape: stream here

ELMRex will also be releasing the tape version of Father Befouled's Revulsion of Seraphic Grace under license from Dark Descent Records sometime in the spring, four years after putting the band's first two albums to tape as its first ever releases. It will be limited to 150 handnumbered copies and will come with a special double-width inlay.