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I have made the difficult decision to finish ELMRex. Two more titles will go to press soon, then I will be done. The planned new website and shop have been cancelled.

Last releases

[ELM013] Father Befouled Revulsion of Seraphic Grace tape + patch (under license from Dark Descent Records, ltd. 125)
[ELM017] Wapentake Murmurations CDr (ltd. 100)
Note: I will only be distributing a small amount of FB tapes. Wapentake will have all copies of their CDs.

A closing down sale is now on at the webshop to clear the distro: everything has been massively reduced, everything must go. I hope to have all distro stock sold before the end of the year. Orders may take a day or two to be sent out.

Due to my upcoming career opportunity which I had talked about on Facebook back in April, and because of recent financial and living changes, I have decided that I will not be able to continue ELMRex. The new job will take priority once it begins next year, and I want to make the best possible start. I also wish to pursue other interests and activities in the near future, but I'm aiming to stay with metal in some capacity; I don't know what I'll be doing yet, but I'll still be around.

Even though I wanted to continue, my priorities have changed and there's too much going on and too much I want to do for me to carry on with ELMRex, and it wouldn't be right of me to do so when there's no guarantee that I would get anything completed in a timely manner or distributed well. It was a tough decision to stop, but it had to be made.

My greatest thanks to all the bands and everyone who I have worked with, and to everyone who's shown support, bought whatever I've released and generally helped kept ELMRex going for the last near six and a half years.

-- Tom K.