ELMRex second logo



A new ELMRex website is currently in development. The website will be Wordpress-based and will make use of CMS, and the shop will use the popular Woocommerce platform, as opposed to labourious hard HTML and Zen Cart like it is now. Artwork for the website is also in progress courtesy of Nether Temple Design. In the meantime, the ELMRex Facebook page is still active as usual, so any news will be posted there.

The webshop is still open for business as usual.

Out now...

[ELM021] Peucharist Demo 2015 pro-tape
[ELM016 / MORBID14] Demonic Rage / Fetid Zombie Profane Rites of Death split pro-tape
[ELM015] Hellripper The Manifestation of Evil pro-tape w/ 1" pin
[ELM018] Wapentake Saxon Pastoral pro-tape

At press...

Dakhma woven logo patches

There are more releases being worked on that will be announced when ready. More info for all the above can be found on the label FB page, and when available, they can be streamed/bought on Bandcamp and the webshop.

Contact: eldritchlunarmiasma [AT] gmail [DOT] com